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alfonse_vusaers's Journal

16 April 1963
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I am a fan of foxes, and in August of 2007, purchased and received a mask made by Primal Visions, it was a fox head, I had a renaissance costume and did some minor alterations, went to the Texas Renaissance Faire near Houston and won first place in a costume contest. I started going to the faires in Texas back in 1999, after my mother was seriously hurt in a car accident, after she spent 4 months recovering, I would go with her to the faires in Texas to make sure she would be ok, I have 3 puppet foxes made by Folkmanis Inc, and we would dress them in renaissance clothes, I would entertain children and adults at the faires, not working at the faire, but as a visitor. For the last 7 years I had been thinking about getting a fox mask to go with the puppets, I found Primal Visions in 2006, got a qoute on a mask and waited a year before buying one.
Now, when I go to the faires, people love to get their pictures taken with me, and going to the faires is more fun.