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Cloverfield review - alfonse_vusaers
Cloverfield review
I went to see "Cloverfield" tonight, all in all, its a good monster movie, all done from the view of 4 civilians, caught in the middle of a giant monster attack on their city, they never get to see the "big picture", of what this thing was doing, how the military decides to attack it, all they get to see is the battle in progress. The creature is very realistic looking, and acts like a large, wild animal rather than a monster that stomps buildings on purpose. The escalation of the attacks on the creature are very well done, and from someone looking at the attacks from a military point of view, this thing is scary! It withstands point blank fire from M1 Abrams tanks, 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers, rockets, and F18 Hornets dropping 1,000lb bombs on its head. When the B-2 bomber shows up and drops its load, the attack and aftermath are very troubling. Although there is no actual score to the film, (its all shot with a hand held camcorder, a la, Blair Witch style), there is closing music at the end that really captures the movie as a whole.
All of this is just one person's opinion.
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