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First Entry - alfonse_vusaers
First Entry
This  is what I now wear to the renfaires, when I went to the Texas Renaissance Faire back in October and November of 2007, all I did was stand in one spot and let people come up and take my picture, I did walk about the faire with a lady escorting me, my mother, who makes all of our costumes, would let me know to stop so someone could take my picture or come over and pose with me. We had several people walk up to us and tell us we were the best couple they had ever seen at any faire. I am looking forward to a new faire called Songwood, it is near Alvin, Tx. That faire starts in late Febuary and runs till the end of March, its a brand-new faire, so I will see if Alfonse will make a as big impression there as he did at TRF.
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