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Week 2 Texas Renaissance Festival - alfonse_vusaers
Week 2 Texas Renaissance Festival
Oh what a day! My lady escort and myself entered the faire during its "fantasy fairy weekend" and were set upon the moment we entered the main gate, we stood near the New Market Stage and while people took our pictures, we got to listen to beautiful music played by the band CANTIGA. I can only estimate that well over 200 people took pictures of me with their kids, girlfriends, wives, boyfriends, brothers, husbands, and grandparents in the first hour and a half. It took almost 30 minutes just to walk 100 yards to my car so I could get something to eat. At 2:00pm, I took a break, changed into my human personna and watched the costume contest on the jousting field. I did not enter the contest this year, because I won it last year and that is enough for me. After a hour and a half rest, I went back into the faire as Alfonse and spent the next hour having countless pictures taken of me, posing with beautiful ladies and cute kids is not as easy as it sounds (although, it is as fun as it sounds). Only a few children were afraid of me, 99% of the  others thought I was handsome, cute or friendly. For the youngest kids, I would get down on one knee to pose with them, and spend the next 10 minutes on that knee as other children came up and had their pictures taken with me. Several people did ask why I was not in the costume contest and I told  them that I had won it  last year and (not meaning to sound too sure of myself) I did not want to jepordize someone else's chances of winning this year. By the way, a man in a minotaur costume won, very nice costume, he made his mask himself and it looked great.

 So, after another 200-300 people took my picture, I retired from the faire at 4:30 and took the 120 mile trip back home, the end of a very beautiful and enjoyable day.
Alfonse Vusaers
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