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Added some pictures - alfonse_vusaers
Added some pictures

I have added 8 pictures to my gallery, all were taken at the Texas Renaissance Faire in October and November, and all were found online from various sites of people who go to renfaires to take pictures of fellow rennies. If there is one mistake I make when posing for pictures with people, its getting down on one knee, when I do that, I will have lots of young ones walking up to get their picture with me, I will sometimes spend 15 minutes or more just kneeling for the cameras. As far as a new costume, I am working on a green jerkin, a sleeveless coat, and a green hat, everyone wants to see a fox dressed as Robin Hood! I plan on wearing a simple long sleeve shirt under the jerkin and the black gloves, the pants will be dark brown and I might have to pick up some new lace up renfaire boots.

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