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Oh what a day! My lady escort and myself entered the faire during its "fantasy fairy weekend" and were set upon the moment we entered the main gate, we stood near the New Market Stage and while people took our pictures, we got to listen to beautiful music played by the band CANTIGA. I can only estimate that well over 200 people took pictures of me with their kids, girlfriends, wives, boyfriends, brothers, husbands, and grandparents in the first hour and a half. It took almost 30 minutes just to walk 100 yards to my car so I could get something to eat. At 2:00pm, I took a break, changed into my human personna and watched the costume contest on the jousting field. I did not enter the contest this year, because I won it last year and that is enough for me. After a hour and a half rest, I went back into the faire as Alfonse and spent the next hour having countless pictures taken of me, posing with beautiful ladies and cute kids is not as easy as it sounds (although, it is as fun as it sounds). Only a few children were afraid of me, 99% of the  others thought I was handsome, cute or friendly. For the youngest kids, I would get down on one knee to pose with them, and spend the next 10 minutes on that knee as other children came up and had their pictures taken with me. Several people did ask why I was not in the costume contest and I told  them that I had won it  last year and (not meaning to sound too sure of myself) I did not want to jepordize someone else's chances of winning this year. By the way, a man in a minotaur costume won, very nice costume, he made his mask himself and it looked great.

 So, after another 200-300 people took my picture, I retired from the faire at 4:30 and took the 120 mile trip back home, the end of a very beautiful and enjoyable day.
Alfonse Vusaers
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Today is my 45th birthday, I don't feel any older, still in good shape and best of all, my birthday date is the same as the Pope's. I will not be attending Scarborough Faire this weekend, but I will be back on April 27th, to dance with the ladies, and get my picture taken with  the patrons.
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Wow! That is all I can say about reaction to my fox mask at Scarborough Renfaire and Ikkicon, a Japanese anime convention in Austin, Tx. in February. At Ikkicon, I spent about 4 hours in the mask and costume, I had my picture taken about 200 times and received hugs from 50 ladies, many in Sailor Moon outfits or some other anime character, it was a lot of fun.

Now, about Scarborough Renfaire, the fair started on the first week in April, the 5th and 6th, I attended both opening days, I have several fox puppets from Folkmanis puppets, I dress them in reinassance clothes and walk around entertaining children and adults. I am dressed in normal reinassance garb for this, in the afternoon, I went out to my vehicle and changed into Alfonse, I got alot of nice reactions as I walked into the main gate, and then proceeded with a slow walk through the faire, pausing to have my picture taken, both with children and adults. The best reaction I have received is from the cast of Scarborough faire, they are totally amazed by the costume and mask. In the late afternoon, I participated in a class that teaches various court dances of the faire. Then, the faire does 4-5 court dances in a large field, those that know the dances are invited to attend, this includes cast members and patrons. Imagine the look on the faces of the patrons when a Fox wearing a blue vest and a white shirt walks onto the field to dance with the various ladies of the court! Many of the ladies love to dance with me, they know me as the "guy with the puppets", but now they know me as Alfonse. 

When I first showed up as Alfonse, there were some of the cast members that told me they figured I was the one under the mask, and the mask and costume looked great. Many can not help themselves but to touch the chin and muzzle and feel how soft the fur is, and the surprised looks when I open the mouth is priceless. On Sunday the 13th, a lady of the court approached me while I was standing under a tree and slowly caressed and petted my muzzle and cheeks, while talking to me in a soft voice on how I looked and acted around the people around me. I met her a few hours later in the faire and she asked me who I really was, when I told her I was usually walking around with fox puppets, she instantly reconized me. Many cast members and visitors to the faire love it when I show up, but sadly I will miss the next weekend of the faire, however, since the faire runs until the end of May, I will have plenty more chances to dance with the ladies.
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I have added 8 pictures to my gallery, all were taken at the Texas Renaissance Faire in October and November, and all were found online from various sites of people who go to renfaires to take pictures of fellow rennies. If there is one mistake I make when posing for pictures with people, its getting down on one knee, when I do that, I will have lots of young ones walking up to get their picture with me, I will sometimes spend 15 minutes or more just kneeling for the cameras. As far as a new costume, I am working on a green jerkin, a sleeveless coat, and a green hat, everyone wants to see a fox dressed as Robin Hood! I plan on wearing a simple long sleeve shirt under the jerkin and the black gloves, the pants will be dark brown and I might have to pick up some new lace up renfaire boots.

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For showing off my Fox costume, there is a Anime convention 2nd weekend and a new Faire starts up in the state on the 3rd weekend. The faire is called Songwood, its new, and smaller than TRF, but that is ok, I plan on supporting it, besides, it will be another chance for me to go as Alfonse.
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I went to see "Cloverfield" tonight, all in all, its a good monster movie, all done from the view of 4 civilians, caught in the middle of a giant monster attack on their city, they never get to see the "big picture", of what this thing was doing, how the military decides to attack it, all they get to see is the battle in progress. The creature is very realistic looking, and acts like a large, wild animal rather than a monster that stomps buildings on purpose. The escalation of the attacks on the creature are very well done, and from someone looking at the attacks from a military point of view, this thing is scary! It withstands point blank fire from M1 Abrams tanks, 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers, rockets, and F18 Hornets dropping 1,000lb bombs on its head. When the B-2 bomber shows up and drops its load, the attack and aftermath are very troubling. Although there is no actual score to the film, (its all shot with a hand held camcorder, a la, Blair Witch style), there is closing music at the end that really captures the movie as a whole.
All of this is just one person's opinion.
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This  is what I now wear to the renfaires, when I went to the Texas Renaissance Faire back in October and November of 2007, all I did was stand in one spot and let people come up and take my picture, I did walk about the faire with a lady escorting me, my mother, who makes all of our costumes, would let me know to stop so someone could take my picture or come over and pose with me. We had several people walk up to us and tell us we were the best couple they had ever seen at any faire. I am looking forward to a new faire called Songwood, it is near Alvin, Tx. That faire starts in late Febuary and runs till the end of March, its a brand-new faire, so I will see if Alfonse will make a as big impression there as he did at TRF.
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